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SOLE REPRESENTATIVE VISA - An immigration route that allows senior executive, managers and directors of an overseas company to set up an office or an operation in the UK. The overseas company must meet the following requirements for the individual to be able to move the UK.


The representative cannot be a majority shareholder of the business but they can be a minority shareholder in the company. The main business that is outside of the UK must be larger than the proposed business in the UK and it should not haven been trading in the UK or carried out any transacted business in UK.

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Criteria for the applicant to meet:

  • Applicants must be employed outside the UK by a company whose headquarters and place of business are outside the UK.

  • Applicants must hold a senior position within the company.

  • Applicants must have full authority to take operational decisions on behalf of the business.

  • Applicants must intend to establish the company’s first commercial presence in the UK, a branch or a wholly owned subsidiary.

  • Applicants must not hold more than 50% of the shares in the business.

  • No minimum salary expectation required however applicants must have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependants (if applicable) in the UK.

  • Applicants must meet the English language requirement in speaking and listening.


  • Open a subsidiary or a branch in UK.

  • No minimum investment or funds required.

  • Visa duration 3 years + 2 years extension.

  • Permanent residency in 5 years.

  • Eligible for British citizenship in 6 years.

We have a dedicated team on the ground who will initially go through the qualifying stages with you in order to understand if you meet the requirements and make sure this is the right programme for you. Based on the initial consultation and the fact find should you meet the requirements we will proceed forward with the qualified immigration team and the business team who will assist in creating your business case. If you do not qualify for the sol rep immigration route we will then advise you on alternative immigration routes and strategies.

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