Obtain Turkish Citizenship Through $250,000 Real Estate Purchase

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Turkey's land area occupies nearly 783,600 square kilometres and contains a population of 80.81 million people with an average age of 31. The country is subdivided into 81 provinces with Istanbul being its largest city. Turkey is a destination with a liveable climate, beautiful scenery, open and inclusive culture, freedom of religion, and is always lively. It has been hailed as the “cradle of civilisation” and is consistently listed as a top ten countries to visit in the world. Turkey is a country that spans over two continents - Europe and Asia. It is one of the world’s largest emerging economies and one of the fastest growing countries in the world. In 2017, Turkey ranked first among all the G20 countries in GDP growth, with a growth rate of 7.4%. Turkey is known as “A Eurasian Gateway on the Rise” and is the only G20 member country that offers a fast track investment passport program.


The Turkish Scheme compared to the rest of the European and Caribbean schemes offers incredible value for the price you pay and provides greater benefits as listed below. Geographically, Turkey is located right in between Europe and Asia providing a greater potential for economical growth. Additionally, the living cost is highly affordable compared to France, Spain and Portugal.

What makes our Turkish Scheme even more attractive is that we offer a Buy Back Agreement which allows our clients to sell their purchased unit back if they wish to. 

No Hassle Passport Program


Passport & Permanent Residence 110+ visa-free countries

Value for Price


Invest only $250,000 to access Turkey at a bargain

Free Medical and Education

Free access to Government funded medical care and University education

No Asset Declaration

No requirement to declare personal assets or provide source of funds

UK Access and Permanent Residency


Access via ECAA visa which can be turned into UK Permanent Residency

Access to USA via E-2


Turkish citizens are eligible for an E-2 Treaty Investor visa to the U.S 

Entire Family

Spouse and children under 18 also obtain Turkish passports

Fast & Easy

Processing time. No requirement to move to Turkey



The United Kingdom under the Ankara Agreement grants Turkish nationals to live and do business in UK. The Treaty of Ankara Agreement was signed in 1963 providing a special opportunity for Turkish citizens to obtain the right to live in UK and be eligible for a British passport within 6 years.

Criteria for the applicant:

 Must be a Turkish national (holding Turkish Passport) 

You need to show evidence you have fund available to support yourself and your dependants

You have a genuine intention to set up a sustainable business
You need to bring enough funds to establish the business
Your new business idea must be supported by presenting the business plan

You can join an existing business already operating 

Your business must support you and your dependants financially without the need to take employment

We have a dedicated team on the ground who will initially go through the qualifying stages with you in order to understand if you meet the requirements and make sure this is the right programme for you. Based on the initial consultation and the fact find should you meet the requirements we will proceed forward with the immigration team. 

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