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Why To Buy a Property

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Since early days land has always been subject of conflict, to conquer most of it allowed the rulers to rule across continents gave them more control and social status. In simple terms land and property through time has always been at the forefront of an individual’s riches. The point being raised is same traditional strategies apply to this day as to owning a property is a vital part of your investment strategy.

Buying a property of any kind is no new savvy strategy but a method practised globally therefore property will always be a safe investment strategy and a valuable strategy to grow personal wealth through.

Four Key Reasons Why Property as an Investment Strategy

There are four main key reasons for choosing property, over time your property appreciates in value and very rarely loses value this is because there is always a demand for property. As global population grows so does the demand for property this is why historically speaking prices have always increased above inflation levels. Property is a great strategy to store value, what this means is for example if there is a crash in the stock markets you are highly likely to lose the interest/value gained over time. With property, prices may decrease in the short term however you don’t lose it as a physical value which is why millions globally choose property as their main asset class to store their cash and gain moderate interests from. The third point is owning a property allows greater flexibility to able to access equity. You can always pull the equity gained from the property to purchase another property or carry out other investment strategies which links to my previous point about storing value. Lastly an investment property in most cases the costs are covered by the tenants who pay the monthly fees therefore it gives you a secondary income which is a steady income. This income can be a valuable income in retirement to be able to live that lifestyle you choose to have.

In conclusion property investment must be one of the key pillars of your investment strategy as mentioned it has 4 key benefits which allows you to be in control of your finances and give your greater flexibility over time. Property is a safer risk to take where the profits/gains are steady, secured and stable.

If you wish to create a property strategy then please do get in contact us with your details and we can effectively create a strategy for you. Ideally every individual or a family should have 3 properties to their name which reflect our investment model.


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