A city which is alive every hour of the day that has a lot to offer from it's mile long beaches, everglades, entertainment and exciting social life. Miami has a population of over 5.5 million which makes it one of the most important financial port cities for the United States. The city has over 300 high rise building making it a lucrative market to invest in with condo sales rising by 24% in 2018. Miami has a significant commercial value due to its connections to famous celebrities and social lifestyles across the city.



Iconic, innovative and a city rich in history London boasts a population close to 9 million individuals. London has a multi-cultural population which makes it a perfect location for economic benefits bringing all nationalities from around the world. Over the last 10 years London experienced substantial overseas investment from Asian and Middle East making London an attractive location for investment and residential. It takes an average of only 21 days to sell your house or an apartment in London a sign London holds a strong attraction for investors.



Manchester is a distinctive and dynamic city that has a diverse economy with a population of 2.8 million. It boasts a growing food and drink scene in the UK and is renowned for its shopping. The city also has two iconic footballing giants, Manchester United and Manchester City. With the high speed train connecting Manchester and London capital growth of more than 18% is expected in the next two years. It is also the ideal investment location with the city’s rental occupancy currently 98% and it has one of the largest concentration of student population.



Home of the iconic 'Beatles' Liverpool is home to nearly half a million people, a major city in the UK that is projected to increase to 1.6 million by 2040. The city hosts four major universities and with a student population of 66,000. Liverpool is currently experiencing a significant investment as 5 billion pounds has been invested so far making it a top destination for investment for the next 10 years. Currently 45% of North American trade comes through Liverpool making it an important trade route city for northern cities.



More than a dozen theme parks and some of the best golf courses Orlando is a place for everyone. With a population close to 2.5 million people Orlando has a lot to offer in terms of excitement and relaxation. One of the biggest attraction Orlando has are the theme parks that attracts millions of families across the world making it economically and commercially successful. This has helped the housing market grow moderately as Orlando offers a unique experience in terms of lifestyle which makes it an ideal investment location.



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