We provide real estate and immigration services for all our clients having identified specific projects or strategies that fit the clients needs and end goals.

What makes us different is as a business we have identified a wealth management model which makes it completely simple for our clients to understand real estate investment whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced property buyer.

In addition to our property business we have expanded into immigration investment in Turkey, Canada and UK promoting them as smart immigration. Our immigration investment programmes truly offer alternative cost effective strategies to clients anywhere in the world. 

Furthermore, we have expanded our services to UK clients that allows us to sell their properties using our international marketing package. As advisors we can help UK clients to market and sell their properties in Europe, Middle East and in Asia.

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We are happy to be offering consultations with serious clients on a 1-1 basis and we are also carrying out group presentations on international property and immigration strategies. 

Property Investment and Immigration Investment


This is our Bangkok event where we presented clients with the opportunities for property investment and advised on immigration investment strategies. Our events educate and inform clients on their global position and the different strategies available based on their end goal.